Welcome to the first episode of a brand new podcast all about the folklore, the strange and spooky tales of Essex UK. In this first episode we discuss a few of our historic haunted Inns and Hotels. If you enjoy this episode why not leave us a review wherever you listen to our show. We’ll be posting a new episode every month and keep a watch on our Instagram page for more content! @eerieessex
In this episode we look at the stories of witches in Essex. From those who practiced openly unharmed to those who were accused and imprisoned. Join us as we discuss familiars, skeletons, curses, poltergeists and why you perhaps shouldn’t run round certain church tower at midnight on Halloween.
Join us this month for our live podcast on cryptids. This was recorded at the Unfamiliars: On Folk event at Colchester Art Centre. We discuss the Ratman of Southend, the Serpents of Saffron Waldon and the Horned Ape of Wallasea Island. If you enjoy this episode please leave us a review wherever you listen to us.
This month we discuss haunted roads and wayside graves. What tragic events led to the haunting on Betty Potters Dip*? Who appears on the causeway to Mersea Island in the full moon? Join us as we delve into these mysteries…If you have enjoyed this podcast please consider leaving us a review. You can contact us at eerieessexpodcast@andyw962
*Information found on Betty Potter’s Dip comes from “Folklore Journal Vol.125 (Betty Potter’s Dip: The Folklore of an Essex Wayside Grave by Robert Halliday)”
Join us this month as we discuss one of our listener’s stories. Christian Jensen Romer tells the story of the strange encounter his mother had in the 1940’s at Belchamp St Paul and how that led him and his friends to have their own eerie experience 40 years later.
We are excited to bring you this special Christmas episode of Eerie Essex. We have teamed up with our good friend Ashleagh from Folkways podcast to discuss the darker side of Yule. From customs to Krampus, devils to Dickens, we explore stories that will leave you checking under your bed this season. So pour a mug of hot chocolate and join us around the fire for some spooky festive tales..
Happy New Year! Join us for our first episode of 2022!In this episode we explore some of the darker depths of local woodlands and forests. From Epping Forest to Basildon some of the few remaining wildernesses harbour terrible secrets. If you go down to the woods today you are sure of a big….surprise?*Warning* this episode is particularly dark and looks at subjects such as suicide and murder.
Is it a bird? Is it a Plane? No it’s….well…who knows? This month we are looking at UFOs/UAPs both in local stories and official reports released from the M.O.D. Join us as we look to the skies…Bethan also shares a personal UFO encounter and has rather randomly decided to show this through the medium of….puppetry. We will prompt you during the episode to follow the link below:https://www.instagram.com/p/CZbzi18I0NZ/
It’s off to the theatre in this month’s episode of Eerie Essex. Join us round the fire for tales of tragedy, ghosts and strange bumps in the night. So let’s get this show on the road…break a leg…
This month we look at Monks…and what a naughty lot some of them were! Tales of ghostly apparitions and even Devil worship; it certainly is an interesting topic.
We thought we may struggle to find any stories on exorcisms in Essex. I mean have you ever heard of one?…. oh how wrong we were! We have had to split this episode into two parts as there was so many and we still haven’t covered them all. So pull the blanket tighter and maybe sleep with the light on tonight…
What? You want more?….okay, here is part two of our exorcism episode plus a listener story.
We spent a lovely afternoon talking to one of our listeners who had so many stories to share with us. A costume shop on Mersea Island, Red Lion Walk and Made & Found café are some of the places mentioned. Thank you again Wendy for meeting with us…
This month we are whisked away, hand in hand, with the fairies. We discuss encounters in Essex and the folklore surrounding such creatures. We very lucky to have been joined by the wonderful Jo Hickey-Hall from The Modern Fairy Sightings podcast to share in our storytelling and discussions.
Welcome back! In this episode we will be looking at the frightening tales of poltergeists in the county. If you hear your dog crying to get in at the front door…maybe you’ll double check before letting it next time 😬