Welcome to Eerie Essex, a podcast that journeys into the stranger side of the county. We explore the hidden histories, weird encounters and stories told around the fire. We share our findings in monthly episodes on themes that range from ghosts to UFOs, fairies to cryptids and anything else that leaves a chill down the spine.


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    Our new website is under development! We have our finest IT people working day and night to build this fantastic new resource for Eerie Essex fans. Stay tuned for further updates.

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    Welcome to EerieEssex.com. Our first post yay! here we will be updating you on our research, news and shenanigans in between episodes.

The Hosts

When you think of Essex, probably the first thing that will crop up is Towie. But Essex as a county is so much more than that, it’s also a hot bed of Folklore, Ghosts, Cryptids, Aliens and Weird History.

We (Bethan and Ailsa) have been digging into this murky terrain and putting together the Eerie Essex podcast to share Essex’s strange side with the world.

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